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Computer support, software technology solutions, design, development, consultancy, training

Help and support

Computer not working? Trying to use the computer for a specific task? Not sure what to do next, we -

Common problems such as the computer not starting correctly, crashing for no apparent reason, applications not running, are almost always software related and therefore can be fixed without replacing any of the hardware components. We come to you and investigate the problem and the errors can usually be repaired on the spot. Only in a minority of occasions is the problem related to failure of any hardware and we will advise which piece of hardware is causing the problem, we do not and will not attempt to sell you any new hardware components or equipment, our services are fair and unbiased. Many of the common problems are avoidable if the computer is used carefully, we can perform a full computer health check and instruct and advise on correct usage to reduce the risk of a larger repair bill in the future. If you are having difficulty trying to get the computer to do a specific task and are unsure what to do next, we can provide support for many different applications including databases, security, application servers, web servers, word-processors, spreadsheets, graphics, email, internet, and more, please call for details.

Computer technology training

If you need general or advanced training for you or your staff we -

Whatever your current level of understanding we can train you and your staff how to tackle the required tasks. We understand and respect that not all computer users are experts in every aspect and provide training at an appropriate level and in a way that can be understood. If you require more advanced training we can come to your office and provide both one to one and formal training courses and presentations for applications, software packages, systems analysis, software design and development, database design and development.

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