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Computer repair

If you are having problems such as - - we will investigate these problems for you. In most cases these problems are software related and we can repair these in your home or office without replacing any parts of the computer, without losing any data and without re-installing windows. Only in a minority of occasions is the problem related to failure of any hardware and we will advise which piece of hardware is causing the problem, we do not and will not attempt to sell you any new hardware components or equipment.

Computer health check

Does your computer run as well as new?

It is a certainty that as you add and remove software and data that not everything is always removed when it is uninstalled, quite often parts or even most of the software remains on the computer. Apart from taking up room on the hard disk, these applications can create conflicts with other software. Occasionally this incomplete software can still be run - often crashing when it attempts to use a 'missing' component, this can leave the computer in an unstable state which may require restarting to return to a stable condition. We can remove these items that are not required to avoid any problems they may cause. Did you know that even after deleting files or data and emptying the recycle bin that these will still remain on your hard drive and may still be readable. We can overwrite these deleted files in a way which makes them unreadable and ensure that the space on the hard disk is empty and can be re-used.

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