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Whether you already use or are considering using computers in your business we -

If you are considering purchasing new or additional computer equipment but not sure what you really need don't fall into a trap, call us today. We do not sell computer equipment or software packages so you can be certain that our advice is fair and unbiased. It is not unknown for some suppliers to sell you the wrong equipment, systems not fit for purpose, items you do not really need, like all other sellers they will quickly get some idea of your own technical understanding. We analyse your requirements both in terms of software and hardware, we will not sell you either but we advise on what you need, how much this can cost and the benefits your business can gain. We may even advise on some occasions you do not need any new or additional hardware or software, you may be able to obtain greater use of what you already have.

When your equipment arrives we can set-up, install and configure the system to your requirements. If you purchased any software specific to your business requirements this should be installed and configured properly, it is often not advisable to just install by continually clicking 'Next' and following the default settings, this can lead to problems later if you ever need to recover from a serious system error. If you need to use the internet we can set this up for you in a secure way. If you follow the inadequate instructions that are usually supplied - plug the cable in and install the provided software, it is a certainty that your computer will become infected with all sorts of malicious software such as viruses, spyware, adware, trojans, worms, keyloggers. Take security seriously, dont get caught out, a recent test by one of the leading industry publications revealed that an un-protected computer could crash within 30 minutes of connecting to the internet. Don't underestimate the power of hackers, while you are connected to the internet there malicious software could be silently downloading and running, they could even take control of your computer and lock you out. These and other attacks can cause all sorts of problems such as your computer slowing down, annoying pop-up adverts, browser hijacking which can re-direct you to undesirable web-sites, even recording all of your computer activity and obtaining your passwords, credit card details and sensitive company information. A recent survey showed that up to 90 percent of computers could be infected, don't take risks and wait for the inevitable, call us now we can advise and set-up your computers securely from the outset and reduce the risk of a much larger repair bill in the future.

If the hard disk on your computer becomes physically damaged the data on it may not be recoverable. This is often the time that an engineer is called to resolve the problem, this is almost always too late! Don't take the risk, let us advise on and implement your backup and recovery requirements, we can install and configure any necessary hardware and software and instruct you in correct usage. It is a fact to a business that the data stored is far more valuable than the computer equipment, hardware can be replaced, data cannot.

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