Information and software technology solutions,
design, development, consultancy, training

Computer and software technology solutions, software design, development, consultancy, training

Software design and development

If you cannot find a software package or need additional development we -

Off the shelf software packages are designed for general use, they may not meet your requirements exactly. We analyse your requirements and if a suitable package cannot be identified or you just require special functionality we can develop software specific to your business. Even if you have already purchased a software package and subsequently discovered that it is not quite perfect it may be possible to develop add-on functionality. We create a design specification or take a design you already have and develop software tailored to your needs. On completion of development we don't just leave you to 'play' with the new product, we come to you and install, implement, configure the software and instruct you and your staff in correct usage.

Database design and development

If you need business specific data design we -

Whether you are transferring your existing system to an electronic format or computerising additional business processes we will analyse your data requirements and design a database specific for your business. We take any design even one which you already provide and develop the database. Our service does not end here, we come to you to install and configure the database and undertake any tuning required to improve performance. We will analyse and advise on you data backup strategy and instruct you and your staff in correct usage both of your database and any installed packages.

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